Our Story

Back To The Start


The Radio Cinema was designed by local architecht James Houston with the inspiration of the Radio City Music Hall in New York City and the mircale of electronic communication as its theme opening in 1937 and seating 1200 in stadium arrangement.

Empty House


 The art-deco themed Radio Cinema was eventually replaced by the George Bingo Hall until that too closed its doors and the iconic mast was lost.

A State of Decay


The Radio City building steadily deteriorated

over the following years with the threat of demolition hanging over its future.

A Call For Action


Brian Wilson MP established a steering committee to save the historic Radio Cinema in October 1997 and plan its restoration  as a renewed centre for the local community and adress the issues raised by young people regarding the dearth of recreational, health and lifestyle facilities and community opportunities,
within the area 

The Association is Founded


The Radio City Association was formally established in November 1999 composed of members of the local community assisted by Cunninghame Housing Association and immediately set to work fundraising and developing the vision for a new

 Radio City 

Construction Starts


After raising £2.5 million from various sources the transformation of the Radio City into a state of the art healthy living and community facility began in earnest with architechts McMillan & Cronin overseeing the redesign.

A Beacon Of A Brighter Future


 The revitalised Radio City Building was illuminated for the first time on the 24th November 2003 heralding a future for the local community in its shadow. The Radio City formally opened on the 6th January 2004 to the local community providing services of state of the art fitness facilities, healthy living cafe, IT learning facilities and radio station Garnock Valley FM.

A New Beginning


Radio City's Royal Opening took place on 1st March 2004 with Prince Edward officially unveiling the building to the public.

From L-R ( RCA Directors Cllr. John Bell and Gordon McGuinness, HRH Prince Edward Earl of Wessex and RCA Chair Greta Jennings)

Another Chapter


 Radio City Association operated the building over the next decade through a myriad of challenges, until the building was sold to Aspire Scotland part of the Priory Group of Companies. 80 staff and around 50 pupils outside of mainstream education now use the building as a school and its facilities are still open to the public, securing a sustainable legacy. Radio City Association continues to maintain a service level agreement with Priory and we work closely together for the benefit of the local community.  

The Story Continues

A Renewed Purpose


The Radio City Association has continued its charitable objectives and also embarked on a new ambition of becoming an enabler of sustainable economic development and community empowerment locally by re-investment via the "Electric Valley" programme that has been developed with seven strategic areas of focus identified and a number of underlying criteria. The vision of the Electric Valley has the potential to be transformatory given the level of investment proposed.

Winds of Change


Radio City proposed community ownership of the Garnock Valley's renewable energy assets will result in substantial re-investment over the next 25 years in the local community and local people.

A First For Scotland


In a first of its kind scheme Radio City Association and its subsidiary ATTIX

CIC are partnering with Scottish Water in the development of a small scale hydro scheme to re-invest in the local community.