Our Projects

Walking Routes


Funded through the Green Health Partnership, Healthy Hills will tackle mental health issues including social isolation as well as promote healthy lifestyles In the Garnock Valley and funded through North Ayrshire Locality Planning Partnership the Step Forward project will educate local people on the areas heritage as well as provide skills and training opportunities.

Community Energy Projects


Radio City is embarking on ambitious community owned energy projects including wind supported by the Scottish Government CARES Programme and hydro technologies in  partnership with Scottish Water to significantly re-invest in the local area. 

Digital Inclusion


The Radio City Association alongside Digital Scotland are promoting the roll out of superfast broadband to the Garnock Valley. This forms part of our project to promote digital inclusion in the Garnock Valley.

Active Travel Hub


With funding from Paths for All SCSP open Fund, RCA is creating an Active Travel Hub and the role of a Community Active Travel Co-ordinator who will work with the local community, employers and schools to promote active travel.

Community Engagement and Employment


Working alongside the North Ayrshire Ventures Trust we will provide employment for local people to engage the local community in our Electric Valley Project. In addition, we are working to bring skills and employability training to the Garnock Valley.

Working with Local Partners


In addition to the work of the Radio City Association we work alongside our partners  inside the Radio City building including, ATTIX CIC, Aspire Scotland, Priory and Galaxy. In addition we work with other charities and community organisations across the Garnock Valley. Our ambition of a vibrant social enterprise sector is being taken forward in our institute redevelopment